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Air Conditioning


Air Conditioning Systems

From 2025 new built homes will no longer be allowed to install gas boilers and are encouraging the use of low CO2 emission heating systems. We believe that global climate change, needs local solutions. The installation of an air conditioning system will help you to reduce energy consumption, lower carbon emissions and have lower running costs. Fortunately, we have qualified and experienced Air Conditioning Systems installers who can meet this need.


Air conditioning systems can regulate the temperature of your space using low power consumption and a quiet albeit powerful performance. The systems have aesthetic, compact designs in a variety of colour options, to blend in or stand out. These wi-fi or remote-controlled systems can suit those with limited wall space, a great option for those wanting to stay cool or warm. The systems traditionally have been known for the ability to cool an environment, however, the systems we install can both heat and cool a space. Our systems are controllable by an App installed on your mobile phone, allowing you to set the temperature of your space remotely.


Installation comes fully guaranteed and the system will have a registration card to provide a guarantee between three and seven years. CALL NOW ON 01932 866471 TO ARRANGE A HOME VISIT.

Product Benefits

Our air conditioning systems make space healthier by improving air quality. They reduce humidity and moisture levels, much needed in the spring and summer months, as well as filtering microscopic particles from the air.


If you are considering installing air conditioning systems in your home, workspace or studio, book an appointment for a visit with our air conditioning installer. During our visit we will survey the space and measure the area. We will also discuss with you the type of air conditioning systems that are available. From compact wall mounted units to Art Cool Gallery units in which you can display your chosen art pieces, there is something to suit all spaces.