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Grey Toned Bathroom


Grey Downstairs Bathroom

Our customers ensuite required updating to turn it into a modern bathroom.

We removed all the old equipment and re-routed the boiler condense line as it currently went through the bathroom.

Our customer chose grey floor and wall tiles and then added a vertical line of the floor tiles up the wall in the shower to create an amazing design feature.

Removing the old bath and electric shower, we replaced it with a walk in shower, with an Aqualisa quartz touch shower,

We also fitted a slate tray, these look amazing and visually brings the floor into the shower making the bathroom feel bigger due to the dark grey colour. It is a slip resistant tray without the bumpy texture and is much easier to keep clean.

The basin unit is wall mounted gap unit in the anthacite colour. We fitted a large towel rail and a new toilet.

We also fit a large LED mirror cabinet that also has a usb and shavers socket. With a heat pad in the mirror doors, it stops the glass from misting up when the shower was running.